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Skytec is all about bringing the best PA speakers at an affordable rate, with sought-after technology for DJ speakers such as bluetooth & wireless speakers, light up speakers and PA amplifiers: our best selling being the SPL amplifier range. Skytec stock a wide range of disco speakers and DJ speakers, passive or active suitable for pub PA, band PA, parties, mobile DJs and gyms & fitness. Skytec bluetooth speakers are very popular wireless speaker systems which serve as a way to stream your music & playlists without having to touch the PA itself.

Designing and manufacturing PA speakers that are new and exciting to the sound industry, Skytec are always coming up with new designs that meets the market demand. Their range of active karaoke speakers make a great karaoke system for house parties, as well as stocking wireless microphone systems and karaoke mics. A pair of Skytec speakers are enough to meet the demands of every PA system & sound application.

For mobile PA, we have a good selection of Skytec mobile speakers with wheels and handles. We also stock Skytec hifi speakers, DJ mixers, DJ lights & LED disco lights, cables and stands. Their complete DJ systems, PA packages & mobile PA systems are unique to the market: explore the specs and get in touch with us for more information.