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Professional amplifiers from Skytec are the way to go if you're looking to power a pair of PA speakers at a cost worthy price. These professional amps are multifunctional and can operate both stereo and mono PA systems using switchable bridge and parallel modes. The SKY series of PA amplifiers, which use SMT technology to lower the resistance within the device itself: this means fewer interfering radio frequencies, and also a more stable high frequency output. If you have an application which has a lot of equipment, the SKY amps are a good choice.

The SKY MK II range of amps we stock are the SKY-800, SKY-1200, SKY-1500, SKY-3000 and SKY-6000. They also feature a ground lift switch to cancel out any earthed buzzing noise from your speakers. For more information call us in store or visit in store for more details.