Buy Skytec SPL amplifiers, start amplifiers and disco amps online at Electromarket!

We stock the SPL range of disco amplifiers from Skytec, which are an electromarket customer favourite. An affordable range for powering small PA systems, house party sound systems, home audio and basic PA systems for pubs, bars and small venues. The SPL range branches out to many forms: their MP3 range of amplifiers are easy to directly connect up your music without needing another audio source (PC, CD player, etc), and their bluetooth amplifiers work wirelessly with a smartphone or laptop to stream your playlists without any cables at all.

We stock the original Skytec SPL amplifiers, SPL BT amps and SPL MP3 amplifiers. For guidance on setting up your PA system or which amplifier to use, call us in store or visit us today at the Electromarket showroom.