Home DJ Packages



Home Dj Packages


Package based sound systems specially to cater for home party use, and for the home hobby Dj that may just be starting out , and wants an easy to buy option when compared to the often confusing selection of individual equipment that's available.


They generally start off based around the more budget friendly end of the market, as they don't need to be anything like as powerful or as rugged as equipment that's intended for outdoor or touring use, or the constant transport of a mobile Dj.


Speakers will often feature smaller 8” or 10” woofers, and will normally be passive design, with the package including a separate power amplifier. The main reason for this is to allow easy upgrade to any part at a later date, so you can start off with the basic system and go from there. It also significantly reduces the weight of the speakers, making placement in a home environment much easier.


You will see budget sound packages available featuring active speaker sets, but these are the laminate wood boxed units classed as party speakers, and don't normally feature the multiple inputs required for the connections of external Dj equipment, with most just using a built in mp3 player or FM radio as their source. They are fine for many situations, but will limit you if your intent is to build on the system as budget and time allows.


Home Dj packages come with either a simple 2 or 3 channel mixer, or a more featured multi-channel mixer which has bluetooth and mp3 playback capability onboard, and often has other features like a graphic equaliser or individual channel eq controls.

Either type will allow connection of your chosen audio source devices, be it a turntables, CD players, or music from a smartphone or mp3 player, and will also allow the use of a microphone.

Specific packages intended for Karaoke and singing use will differ on that slightly, with multiple microphone inputs and built in effects like echo and reverb, and often will replace the separate Dj style mixer and power amplifier setup with a larger multi input PA style mixer which has its own built in amplifier. Choice between packages really just depends on what your intended use for the system is, and what inputs you require, as power ratings in this segment stay roughly the same across the packs.


The slightly larger and more expensive packages will come with speaker stands, and will venture into the active speaker market with 12” and in some cases 15” powered cabs and various choices of mixer. They are aimed at the user who wants to cater for the larger gathering, with a bit more power output and bass handling then the average bedroom setup can provide.


Fully complete system packs will also include an audio source unit or units, so Twin Cd Player, single CD decks, Dj software controller or even a classic pair of turntables. These will vary in overall features and quality depending on the overall package price you choose, but all will provide you with a reliable and enjoyable entrance into the Dj world.