Mobile DJ Packages



Mobile Dj Packages


Custom packaged systems for the working Dj, with the emphasis on sound quality and ruggedness of build to withstand the rigours of the mobile circuit.


The mobile Dj, the hardest working of all the Dj’s !


They tend to fall into two categories when it comes to equipment, either just wanting reliable performance and longevity, or being really into the latest tech and gadgets. Either way, a package system is a great way to get the core sound equipment as a bundle, meaning cost savings over individual purchases, and the benefit of the latest designs with all the matching peripherals to get your rig sounding and looking professional, which heavily reflects your bookings and reputation.


Active speakers dominate this area of the market, and for good reason. High power ratings and SPL levels, heavy duty long lasting resin cabinets, built in carry handles, feet, pole mounts and still often lighter weight than many traditional wooden constructed speakers, they are a no brainer.

Powerful impedance matched digital amplifiers built into each cab means easy hook up, less boxes and cables, and serious output levels with the minimum distortion at high volumes. 12” or 15” units are the norm, with larger rigs including a single, or even pair of active subwoofers for a really serious sound system.


Sticking with modern, the most up to date package systems are now including Midi based media controllers, which are fast replacing CD as the mobile Dj’s choice, as they offer the ability to access and control your music libraries from a connected laptop, meaning thousands of songs at your fingertips with no physical media to carry around. The days of transporting boxes of vinyl or CD’s are finally over, replaced by digital storage. Of course if you require the more traditional, there are a multitude of CD based players and units which can be incorporated to a package deal, and even turntables should you wish.


Packages can be catered to your exact requirements, and will include all the necessary leads, cables, bags, stands and equipment to ensure you are ready to work immediately.


Lighting and atmospheric effects also find their way into various off the shelf systems, or can be included when putting together your own custom package. From basic wash light units and classic strobes, to fully automated moving heads and smoke or ground fog machines, it all depends on what scale of system and what type of events you are catering for, but including these units into a multi packaged deal will get you significant savings over their individual costs.


Either the established mobile Dj looking to upgrade a tired old system, or a newbie wanting to start a professional business, there is a package to suit you, be it one that's pre-selected, or one that's put together to meet your specific requirements.