Party Smoke Machines



Party Smoke Machines


Designed specifically for home gatherings, kids parties, and seasonal events like Halloween and New year's eve, there is a custom range of party based machines offering the features that would usually require you to own or buy several bits of kit.


What you get is an all in one lighting system that takes minimal space, but will fill a room with fog or smoke, and at the same time provide you with sound activated lighting effects of varied styles depending on which model you go for, and what you want it to do.


Even the most basic units feature 500w heaters for the smoke section, so you are guaranteed a good volume of output and density of smoke from all the machines on offer. Starting with the base unit, the Beamz S500PC which is totally unique in design as it's made from transparent abs, with two, 3 watt RGB LED’s inside, so this unit illuminates itself and the surrounding area in a constant fade of bright colour and smoke, and always pulls a crowd !


That's followed by slightly more powerful but traditional looking units that feature high power LED lamps built in above the output nozzle, which illuminate the smoke as it leaves the machine creating a flame type effect or an ice effect at the push of a button depending on which variant of machine you choose. These are great ambient effect units, creating a subtle yet distinctive look in moderate lighting, or a really intense burst of colour in darker spaces.


For a more patterned effects show, the distinctive jelly ball machine is again unique to this sector, featuring a multi faceted ball shaped lens which projects its powerful trio of 3 watt RGB LED’s in a wide kaleidoscope pattern, coupled to a 700w remote control smoke system which gives large blasts of fog output to show off the individual light beams. Its ability to fill a room with smoke and defined colour really do amaze given its low cost and physical size.


For a more controlled colour show, a built in dual colour laser unit with preselected patterns will give pinsharp focus beams across an area, creating both mid-air display and also creating patterns on surrounding walls, ceilings and floors. Taking up no more room than a separate smoke machine, it offers a simple one box solution for entry into the world of lasers, with no need for programming or anything time consuming or complex, it's just plug and play so is perfect for users with no experience.


All the party units come with push button remote controls for triggering the smoke output , and both the smoke unit and the secondary lighting effect will have their own power switches, allowing one to be used without the other for true 2 in 1 versatility.

Smoke fluid is also included with all these systems to get you up and running immediately, with additional fluids available in various sizes, along with a range of fruity scented fragrance additives to choose from.