Lighting Packages



Lighting Packages


Primarily aimed at the newcomer, infrequent user or even just a bargain hunter, our packages give you a selection of low cost lighting solutions in convenient 2, 3 and 4 way buying options to suit your requirements.


Starting with a perfect little home party system which comprises of 3 lovely miniature effects that will never fail to bring a smile. All LED powered for great output and long life, you have a classic moon flower giving you full colour beams in a variety of patterns, being joined with a lovely mini par can design white LED strobe unit, and a multi coloured ‘jelly ball’ facet lens effect which gives a room filling cluster. Units all feature built in microphones for sound to light activation, so require nothing additional to function as they will react to the music in the room.


For the Dj wanting to put a foot into the lighting world, we have some 3 item packages available with 2 of the units standard and the 3rd being different for each, allowing you the same great deal with a bit of personal choice.

Standard to all 3 packs is a classic Beamz Moonflower effect, which is a powerful and compact multi colour LED spot beam unit which has great output and colour depth, and inbuilt microphone for sound to light activation.

This is joined with a fantastic little Apollo dual colour laser system, which gives you both red and green laser beams in unison for its ‘firefly’ effect. It features adjustable speed control and either automatic or sound to light operation and comes with both hanging bracket and its own custom tabletop stand.


Package 1 sees these two joined with a fantastic value S500 smoke machine which is an incredible little unit with more than enough output for a small to medium sized room, giving you a dense fog cloud to properly appreciate the laser unit and give real depth of colour to the moonflower. It comes with push button remote control and can be located on a table, floor, or hung from a lighting bar using its supplied mount.


Package 2 replaces the smoke machine with traditional high power flash tube based stroboscope unit. It's the classic disco and party effect, and its 150w output and adjustable speed allow you to dial in just the right stutter effect for that ‘slowing down time’ look. When used in tandem with the dual colour laser it creates a lighting show that really does impress for such modest cost.


Package 3 gives you the apollo laser unit, coupled with a pair of Beamz moonflowers for a solid full colour show has fantastic depth of field and spread. The two moons together can be spaced equally along a lighting bar to give a lovely symmetrical look to your show, with their strong LED projection lamps providing ample colour and pattern creation in both auto or sound to light modes. Hang the laser in the centre of the bar between them for a real visual onslaught that's bound to impress .


So impressive are the moonflower units that we've bundled 4 of the little gems together for you in a money saving deal that will get you a serious multi colour beam show for under £100, which is quite frankly just crazy. They are just amazing for their size, with bold colour and great coverage, so with 4 of them working the room together its all you will need.


Fancy something a bit flashier ?! we've put together a pair of the fantastic Wildflower LED Gobo Scanner units from Beamz. These units provide scrolling patterns across walls, ceilings and dance floors with the pattern gobo and mirror system keeping everything focussed and defined as it sweeps and changes colour effortlessly. Designed for hanging from a Dj booth frame or lighting bar, these two beauties will give you a real pro show from either their auto modes or running sound to light.


Lastly, for a professional look to all manor of events and situations, we have a pair of ADJ high powered LED Flat Par units, which are a serious bit of kit. These can be used as colour washes, room lighting, wall lighting, colour floods, uplighters, static washes or as full on Dj units with their colour strobe effect and smooth colour fading. They can be linked to each other in a master / slave mode which makes them mirror each other, can be DMX controlled or run on auto or sound to light, and our package deal features a remote control and a custom fit ADJ soft padded carry case.