Starter DJ Amplifiers



Starter Dj Amplifiers


Everyone starts somewhere, and more often than not for a Dj it will be an old Hifi amp or receiver that's roped into powering your setup.


Often heavy yet delicate, and just not designed for being bashed around, the average Hi-fi amp is also only meant for powering Hi-fi specific speakers, which are generally 6” to 8” driver size and around 100w rated. If you then hook up your 12” PA cabs you will find that performance levels of the amplifier are particularly underwhelming, as the larger speakers draw far more current than the amp is designed to provide, which results in distortion and clipping.


There is a large market of power amplifiers available to suit this task. Low on cost, they forfeit the features of larger pro amps to simply provide you with good clean power in a robust chassis.


Usually designed into the industry standard 2U rack enclosure size (19”), with simple controls of volume for each channel, source signal input and dual speaker outputs. These more budget friendly amps will use either 4mm binding posts or the traditional push spring speaker terminals for their output, and have varying power ratings from 150w a channel up to around 500w, which is more than sufficient for home and small gig usage.


Different features adorn different brands and specs, with some offering built in usb/mp3 playback and 3.5mm line input jacks for portable device connection. Some will have graphic equalizer sections and the latest models even include bluetooth audio receivers.


Recognising their home market users requirements too, these amplifiers also often feature audio inputs for PC, TV and CD players along with the standard RCA line input for connection to a mixer, allowing it integrate into all types of setup.