Battery Operated PA Systems



Battery operated PA systems


Not so long ago, having a speaker system that could be used in a location where mains was not available would have required the use of some form of generator, or vehicle battery and inverter unit, neither of which are particularly convenient or practical.


With newer active speakers using low power consumption digital amplifiers and having mains to low voltage conversion already onboard, it has allowed units to become available with internal 12v battery systems, which was previously just not possible.


The battery packs are 12v sealed lead paste types, similar to those found in golf carts. They are non-spillable and safe in the event of damage, have high current availability and are perfect for powering a larger speaker which requires a good bit of push. They are enclosed into the speaker cabinet, and charging is done automatically once mains power is connected to the main unit, so don't require any additional leads or chargers.

Even on a large 15 inch system, you can expect up to 8 hours of use at reasonable volume levels from a single charge, which is more than you will need to get you through most events.


ABS resin cabinet construction, along with the lightweight digital amplifier module and modern light magnet speakers mean that overall unit weight is kept to amazingly low levels. A fully active 700w unit with 15 inch woofer and battery system comes in at just 20 kg, which is truly amazing. This is made even more maneuverable by fitted casters and luggage style pull up handles, meaning it can be moved and transported by a singular person with ease.


These units are also packed with features aimed at the sort of events and users that would be in need of an all in one solution, so you will find onboard fm radios, Mp3 playback from USB and SD inputs, and VHF wireless microphones and bluetooth audio streaming, making them incredibly versatile in so many situations, requiring no other external devices to be carried around or wired up. The perfect solution where power isn't easily available, pop one in the middle of a field for school sports day, out in a car park for a fete or charity event, or wheel it out for wedding speeches, fitness rooms and corporate events where it's just quicker and neater not to run mains extensions across the floor which can be tripped over.

You have everything you need for playing music and making announcements, with remote control included for adjusting volume and changing tracks without the unit needing to be physically accessed, so with the microphones being wireless too you can put the system up out the way of prying hands or drinks spills whilst retaining full control.